Using Smart Tabs

How to use…

  1. Open the Code Book to the Code article listed on the tab.
  2. Install the first tab.  It should be the last bottom tab listed in row 8.  Install the first tab at the bottom right edge of the opened book, lining up straight the colored part of the tab with the edge of the paper.  Make sure glue does not extend beyond edge of paper.  The rows should be from bottom to top on the right side of your book.  The page number to install the tab is given on each tab.
  3. The next 9 tabs in the same row are to be installed with tabs overlapping about 1/8 inch.
  4. You should end up with eight (8) rows of tabs.
  5. Now go to the top of the book and install the motor and over 1000 volt tabs (follow the instructions).